Amazon Selling Live Christmas Trees This Year

It looks like Christmas tree vendors have a new major competitor this holiday season. According to reports, Amazon is set to start selling and delivering full-sized live Christmas trees.

Starting sometime in November, customers will be able to pick between various types of live trees – including Douglas firs, Norfolk Island pines, and Fraser firs. The company has sold smaller live Christmas trees last year, but this time around the trees are a whopping seven-feet tall. The price to pay for getting your favorite tree delivered to your doorstep is a little steeper than your average street vendor, a seven-foot Fraser fir going for $115.

Soon, customers will be able to custom order their tree and pick a convenient delivery date, too. Amazon will also offer buyers other holiday accessories like wreaths and garlands.

  • ONE MORE THING! A spokesperson from the National Christmas Tree Association says that they’re not concerned about online competitors. In fact, consumers seem to enjoy the tradition of going out and picking a tree themselves. Online tree orders reportedly only accounted for around one or two percent of last year’s 27 million tree sales. But with the convenience of Amazon and new technology like Alexa, who knows how those numbers will change over time. 

Source: Associated Press

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