Underwater “Shark Cafe” For Great Whites

Most of the ocean remains unexplored, but scientists recently uncovered another one of its mysteries. In what they once thought was a “blank, barren” section of the Pacific Ocean, they have found a lair for great white sharks that’s being called the “white shark cafe.”

Experts have long questioned why the sharks would make a lengthy migration to the particular area between Mexico’s Baja California and Hawaii every winter and spring, since they assumed that it was “lacking the kind of prey” to support the creatures’ diet. But a joint expedition by Stanford University and the Monterey Bay Aquarium revealed that the mysterious region, called the “mid-water” just above the pitch black deep sea, was swimming with suitable grub.

Now, they’re hoping to do more research in the remote area, so they can finally learn more about the sharks and the mid-water. Thanks to the investigation and discovery, researchers have struck a “gold mine” of data, doubling nearly twenty years of data on white shark diving behavior and “environmental preferences” in just three weeks.

Source: NY Post

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