Scientists Call For “No Selfie Zones”

Scientists are calling for “No Selfie Zones” after discovering the shocking rise of “selficides.” According to a new study, more than 250 people around the world have accidentally died while taking a selfie between 2011 and 2017.

The most common causes of “selficide” are reportedly drowning, being hit by traffic, or falling… all for that perfect pic. That’s why research leader Dr. Agam Bansal from the India Institute of Medical Sciences says that there should be “No Selfie Zones” set up around tourist areas where an accident is more likely – like water bodies, mountain peaks, and tall buildings. “Individuals need to be educated regarding certain risky behaviors and risky places where selfies should not be taken,” he says.

But it’s not just the selfies that are the problem here. Bansal points out that it’s really about simply paying attention to what you’re doing. “Selfies are themselves not harmful, but the human behavior that accompanies selfies is dangerous,” he notes.

Source: The Scottish Sun

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