The Most Popular Halloween Candy For 2018

Now that it’s officially October it’s time to start getting excited for Halloween, which means supermarkets will have aisles and aisles of candy ready for you to buy for trick or treating. While everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to Halloween treats, there are definitely some that are more popular than other, and now a new report reveals which ones are the most popular, and whether that popularity differs from state to state.

It’s probably not at all surprising, but chocolate is the overall favorite. According to Peapod sales, the most popular Halloween candy is the Snack Size Kit Kat Candy Bars for a third year in a row, with four of the Top Five candies all containing chocolate.

Top Five Most Popular Halloween Candies

  1. Snack Size Kit Kat Candy Bars
  2. Snack Size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  3. Fun Size Twix Cookie Bars
  4. Brach's Candy Corn
  5. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars

Regionally, folks in New York, New Jersey and New England tend to pick up those Kit Kats, while folks in Chicago, Wisconsin and Indiana buy more Fun Size Milky Way Bars, those in Pennsylvania buy Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars (naturally), and  residents in Washington, DC prefer Brach's Candy Corn.

Source: Business Journals

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