The Home That Runs On Dunkin

Waking up isn’t easy for all of us and plenty of people need fuel to help power themselves up for the day, and it comes in the form of coffee. That’s why the slogan at Dunkin’ Donuts for years was “America runs on Dunkin’.” But now the company has taken things one step further and created a home that actually runs on Dunkin’ … their used coffee grinds, to be exact.

The coffee brand partnered with Blue Marble Energy to figure out a way to take wasted resources, like used coffee grounds, and turn them into fuel to help power a cleaner planet. They came up with a biofuel that’s made of 80% coffee oil and a 20% blend of alcohol that’s added to a generator which powers everything in a custom-built 275-square foot tiny home.

The Home That Runs on Dunkin' is a transportable home that not only uses coffee to power things inside, it’s design was also inspired by coffee, with textures and colors to resemble rich coffee grounds. Coffee lovers in New York City can visit the tiny coffee-powered home in person Thursday, October 4th to Saturday, October 6th at Madison Square Park for a tour, free coffee samples, and prize giveaways. The rest of us can check it out at

Source: FoodBeast

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