Hopes And Dreams For Sale

An unnamed woman from New Zealand is auctioning off her husband’s “hopes and dreams” on the site TradeMe. Apparently, his hopes were to get her into preserving, as she’s listed more than 60 mason jars on the site. So far the highest bid is at $200, with the auction running until December 5th.

In the description of the auction, the fed-up wife explains that her husband has kept the jars in their basement for “many years” before she finally got “brutally honest” and told him they don’t have time for his “dream.” “Sixty jars of colorful preserved fruit my husband will never see lined up beautifully on the kitchen bench,” she wrote. “With wifey proudly looking on at the end of the day.”

The Q&A section of the listing is full of potential bidders that either feel bad for her hubby or support her decision to declutter their basement. One asked the wife if the jars are “free of odors,” as in “any lingering of your husband’s resentment.” She responded with “possibly a slight whiff of bitterness remaining but I am sure it will clear soon.”

Check out the listing HERE.

Source: TradeMe

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