Woman Accepts Money From In-Laws To Leave

Having your partner’s parents offer you money to leave your S.O. seems like something you only see in the movies, but that’s exactly what happened to one woman in Australia, and believe it or not, she took them up on the offer.

A woman has recounted her story of being paid off for Whimn, noting that at first, everything was great between her and her boyfriend Jeremy. After about 18 months together they found themselves pregnant, and after they had their daughter Jemma, Jeremy proposed. But, she notes, in the year after Jemma was born things “started to go downhill.”

The woman’s friend noticed that Jeremy had been putting her down a lot, which chipped away at her self-esteem. She hadn’t noticed it until it was brought up, but then she realized it was happening every day. Jeremy also became violent, not hitting her, but throwing things, and she started becoming afraid.

It was about this time that Jeremy’s well-off British family came to visit, and they weren’t exactly happy with his choice of a mate. They thought Jeremy should be with “a nice middle-class girl from Surry,” and shared that they thought the women trapped their son by getting pregnant. Then one day, Jeremy’s dad asked the women to go for a walk, where he offered her $20,000 to “release Jeremy.” The woman realized this was her way out, and shot back “Make it thirty and you’ve got a deal,” and the parents agreed.

One week later she told Jeremy she was leaving, and a few weeks later he returned to England. As for the woman, she took that money and put a deposit on an apartment for her and her daughter, “courtesy of the grandparents she’ll probably never meet again.”

Source: Whimn

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