500-Year-Old Skeleton Wearing Thigh-High Boots

A team of archaeologists has found a skeleton of a man lying face down in the mud on the banks of River Thames in London. They’re estimating that the skeleton is around 500-years old… but what inspired them to investigate further was the fact that it was found wearing a pair of thigh-high leather boots that were found mostly still intact.

Evidence suggests that the deceased man was a fisherman or sailor in the late 15th or early 16th century. Based on their investigation of his bones and the fact that boots were expensive back then, they’re also speculating that he was not buried, but rather died prematurely when he was under 35-years-old.

The skeleton was found while the archaeologists were working on the new “super sewer” tunnel in London, which captures, stores and transfers raw sewage and rainwater that’s been overflowing into River Thames.

Source: CNN

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