Couple Forces Wedding Guests To Do Math

Nothing says fun like having to solve an equation before being able to hit the open bar at a wedding. An anonymous bride wrote on Facebook that she and her fiancé (both mathematicians) are planning to ask their guests to answer math equations to find out what table they’ve been seated at for the reception.

A screenshot of the Facebook announcement was posted to Reddit after she revealed guests would have to solve a math question before they could sit down to their meal.  The unnamed bride explained that because both she and her fiance were mathematicians they planned to include multiple math references throughout the event. What fun. 

Most people thought the idea was kind of exhausting while others thought it was a cute idea. To be fair, the bride did say that since they are both mathematicians, most of their friends have a “research-level mathematical background.” Who knows, maybe the guests will love it.

Source: Fox News

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