People Are Finding More Jobs Online

The days of looking in the newspaper for job listings is long gone, with more and more people relying things like job boards, networking and even social media to find their next gig.

While you may think of social media as just the place to see pictures of your friend’s baby, a new Clutch survey finds that 14% of people actually use social media in their job search, although it does vary by industries. Recruiters in creative fields are more likely to use sites like Instagram to help find candidates, while LinkedIn is more likely to be used by traditional business.

In general the most common way folks search for new jobs these days is on job boards (41%), with 33% of people using general job boards like Indeed and Monster, and another 8% using industry specific sites like Media Bistro.

  • Another huge way people find jobs is networking, with 25% of people saying the secured their latest gig through networking. Interestingly the survey finds that men and women are equally likely to find their next job through networking, although women are more likely to find a job via a job board than men (44% vs. 33%).

Source: Clutch

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