Soldier Saves Man With A Hoodie And A Pen

A 20-year-old soldier is being recognized for his heroic actions that saved the life of a stranger he helped on the side of the road. U.S. Army Sergeant Trey Troney was driving home to Mississippi for the holidays when he witnessed a car accident that left the driver, Jeff Udger, slumped over his truck’s steering wheel and bleeding from the head.

Troney got two other men to help him open Udger’s door and he used his special edition “Salute to Service” New Orleans Saints hoodie to stop the bleeding, according to the Army. When Troney saw that Udger’s chest wasn’t moving any more, he realized the man had a collapsed lung. He used a first aid kit and a needle chest decompression kit that was in his car from a recent training session, but when the needle wasn’t big enough, he created a makeshift medical device out of a ballpoint pen to finish the procedure.

His training served Troney well and he recognized the severity of the situation and knew exactly how to handle it. He saved this stranger’s life with a pen and a hoodie and now Udger is expected to make a full recovery. He told Army public affairs officers that Troney showed “amazing patience and continuous care” in that life or death situation.

Source: New York Post

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