A Man Abducted By Aliens Finally Talks About It

We've been debating for decades whether or not we are alone in this universe. Are aliens out there and have they ever made contact with us? After 45 years of keeping it a secret from his own family,  one man’s declining health has given him a reason to write a book and finally tell his story. 

Calvin Parker is now ready to tell the story of the event that took place in 1973, Parker was 19 and simply wanted to build a home and raise a family. Those plans changed after a fishing trip in Pascagoula, Alabama with his buddy Charles Hickson.

“A real bright beam appeared all over us and it kind of blinded us for a second — and when I got my vision back, I seen three bulky looking creatures coming toward us,” Parker said.

Parker said because of this night, he’s spent the last 45 years in hiding, scared to face the curious public eye, but after suffering a stroke and having two open-heart surgeries, he's opening up about his experience. He claims that he and Hickson were levitated into the spacecraft.

He says they were both examined by these aliens and that they were told not to worry, they weren't going to hurt them. Charles Hickson wrote a book on his encounter and spoke numerous times about it. He passed away in 2011. Now Parker has finally opened up about it and once again has people buzzing about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Source: CBS News

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