Bad Handwriting A Real Problem For Most Americans

These days we all rely on computers so much we rarely have to deal with anything handwritten, but a new survey finds even with technology, a lot of folks are having issues when it comes to people’s handwriting. A new poll by BIC USA finds that 50% of people have been told by others that their handwriting is hard to read, while 45% of Americans admit they struggle to read their own handwriting. 

All of these handwriting issues spell trouble in the workplace. In fact, 70% of people say struggling to read their co-worker’s handwriting is a challenge they face, while the average person has had two experiences at work where handwriting caused a miscommunication which became a real problem at the office.

And it seems a lot of folks are critical of their own handwriting, with 23% of people say they’d be terrified if they had to write anything on a board in front of colleagues. As for what they hate about their handwriting, 25% think they write too small, and 23% write too big. In addition, 22% say their letters overlap, 21% say their handwriting isn’t pretty, and 20% write on a slant.

  • According to the poll, the most common misread items are on shopping lists (27%), followed by a note to a colleague (27%), a note to a partner (22%), birthday card (21%) and thank you note (19%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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