Man Sends Online Girlfriend Over $100K. Yup. He Was Catfished.

A Canadian man is trying to alert the public about a scam that continues to plague people all over the world. Striking up a relationship with someone over the internet without ever meeting them in person. 

That's what had happened to THE hospitalized Con. After more than three years of online correspondence and phone calls, he was ultimately defrauded of $143,000. Con hopes that sharing his ordeal will prevent others from being duped by online romance scams.

He kept the relationship going over the years because he had never really been in a relationship before and thought he had found the perfect match in the black-haired woman named Deborah, but it was all fake. The woman claimed to be a United States citizen on an overseas contract as a computer civil engineer and the single mom of a nine-year-old boy. 

She said her bank accounts were in San Jose, California, but couldn't access them from overseas. She would ask for money to buy things like a new phone so she could keep talking to him. He would send money frequently and now will have to file bankruptcy because he's all out of money. 

Source: CBC 

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