The Forrest Gump Sequel That Could Have Been

There could have been a sequel to “Forrest Gump,” but then tragedy hit. Oscar-winning screenwriterEric Rothhas revealed that plans to make a follow-up were thwarted after 9/11.

There was even a script, which Roth says he handed in “literally the day before.” But after the tragic attack, he and directorRobert Zemeckisended up scrapping the plans. “We got together on 9/11 to sort of commiserate about how life was in America and how tragic it was, looked at each other and said, ‘this movie has no meaning anymore, in that sense,’” Roth explains.

So what would have come of Forrest and his family in the sequel? Well, the film was set to kick off with Forrest Junior discovering he has AIDS, which had led to his mother Jenny’s death in the original. “People wouldn’t go to class with [Forrest Jr] in Florida,” Roth adds. “People were angry about either [busing desegregation] or [their] kids having to go to the school with the kid who had AIDS, so there was conflict.”

Source:Yahoo Entertainment

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