People < Pets

We all know dog owners really love their dogs, but it seems in some cases they may love their four-legged friends more than they do their partners.

A new survey by Riley’s Organics, an organic dog food, finds that in general, folks are more willing to be affectionate to their dogs than their significant others. In fact, 52% of people say they shower their pooch with more kisses than they do their mate, and we’re not talking just sweet kisses on the head. No, 61% say they actually kiss their dogs on the mouth.

And it’s not just kissing. Apparently 52% of people would pick their dog over their partner when it comes to sharing a bed.

Pet owners are also picking their pooch over their friends, with the study noting that 94% prefer to stay at home with their dog than go out with friends.

Source:Fox News

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