Zombie Eaters

While some people will take the time to savor every last bite of their meal, the truth is most of us are just shoving food in our mouths, and often times we are doing so while preoccupied with other things, like the TV, social media and more.

A new survey finds that 88% of Americans are what’s considered “zombie eaters,” meaning they usually eat while looking at screens, whether it’s their TV, phones or laptops.

It turns out 91% of Americans watch TV while eating, with 49% doing so regularly. In fact, the average American will only have five “screen free” meals a week. Things are so bad that 86% of people say they’re so preoccupied with their screens they actually forget to eat.

And when it comes to phones, folks look at them more than twice in one meal, with the majority of people reading or sending emails during their meal.Other things we do with our phones while eating include:

  • Scroll through/post on social media (48%)
  • Watch YouTube videos (37%)
  • Work-related activities (36%)
  • Watch a TV show/movie on a streaming app (35%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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