The Rise of Mock-Amole

Avocado prices have soared sky-high in recent months because of the heat and that has led some Los Angeles restaurants to get creative with their guacamole. It seems some eateries are now making “mock-amole” with a blend of Calabacita, a Mexican squash that’s said to have a texture and taste similar to avocados - but they’re duping their customers into believing its the real thing.

So how does it compare? According toL.A. TacoeditorJavier Calbral, the dip has a “texture that is like a taqueria guacamole,” which is “looser and more salsa-like” rather than chunky style.

High temperatures have driven avocado prices up to almost twice what they were last year, around $66 a case.Carlos Thome,operations manager at El Tepeyac Cafe, says in previous years, prices have skyrocketed to $110 a case, forcing them to sometimes say they don’t have it, rather than make the mock guac. He admits he’s experimented with it for employees, but you won’t find it in their dining room. He says “it’s not gonna happen” in their restaurant.

Source:Fox News

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