School Removes Garbage Pails, Wants Students To Take Trash Home

So it seems that an all-girls school in Melbourne, Australia came up with a brilliant idea on how to cut back on the amount of garbage at their campus. The decided that they should go ahead and remove all the trash cans on campus and have students, as well as faculty, bring their trash home with them. 

"We hope that this will encourage everyone – students and staff alike – to reduce their waste by bringing less waste to school and, in doing so, create less waste at home," the school's headteacherKaren Moneywrote in a letter to parents.

Apparently, the school spent a bunch of money last year - about $13-grand - removing their trash and wanted to reduce that number. The school noticed that the majority of the trash was coming from the lunch area. So the school wants students to start packing their lunches in reusable containers and avoid any single-use items.

  • To encourage them, the school will hand out tokens to students who bring their lunch in reusable containers, which they will be able to redeem for prizes and rewards.
  • As for food waste, students won't be expected to bring any of that home. Instead, they'll be able to compost any uneaten food. Trash cans in the classrooms and offices will be replaced with recycling bins for any paper waste that is created.
  • Money hopes they will become zero-waste by 2020 and that other schools will begin to implement similar programs.

Good luck with that.

Source: Fox News

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