Couple Finds Builders Doing Renovations Moved Into Their Home While Away

A couple thought they would go away on vacation after they hired builders to do some renovations to their home. What they found after they returned was nothing short of shocking.

Turns out that the builders took over the couple's home and threw parties and even slept in their beds while they were gone. One of the workers even ordered a television subscription. 

DeliaandMick Cunninghamwere completely devastated when they returned and found that not only had the builders messed up the renovations but that they essentially moved into the home. They found all their food had been eaten and empty vodka bottles had been strewn across the kitchen.

They had spent thousands of dollars in preparations for the renovations so they could sell the home and move closer to their son. They were told by the builders that it would take around five weeks to complete so they went to stay with their son. 

They ended up coming home early to see how everything was coming along and that's when they found their home of 34 years had been destroyed. 

They hired another company to finish the job but they too ended up screwing over the couple. They want to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else which is why they are telling their story.

Source: Independent 

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