Boy Wins 10K Race By Accident

Kade Lovellhas been a distance runner since he was just 18-months old when he ran his first 1K. So when the boy from St. Cloud, Minnesota was running the St. Francis Xavier Franny Flyer 5K recently and it seemed to be taking longer than usual, he knew something was up. And it turns out, a woman told him to “keep going straight” toward the end of the race and he ended up in the 10K race by mistake.

The kid new his mom would be worried when he didn’t cross the 5K finish line, so that may have pushed him to run faster. After a panicked search, his mom found him at the finish line of the 10K and assumed he had finished last. But it turns out, he actually won it! He beat out all the other runners and finished in 48 minutes, beating the 40-year-old second place runner by a full minute.

“I accidentally won it, and they’ve been practicing for a long time,” says Kade. “I was just really surprised that I did that.”

Source:New York Post

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