Drive-Thru Wait Times Ranked

If it feels like you’re sitting in fast food drive-thrus longer than ever, that’s because the service is getting slower. According to a new study from “QSR Magazine,” customers spend an average of four-minutes and 25-seconds waiting in drive-thru lines in 2019. And that’s 20 seconds longer than the wait times were in 2018. The research analyzed wait times from ordering at drive-thru speakers to picking up at the order window at 10 major fast food chains. Dunkin’ clocked in with the fastest service, while Chick-fil-A came in last for speed.

Here's how the chains ranked from slowest to fastest:

  • Chick-fil-A- Wait time: 322.98 seconds
  • McDonald's- Wait time: 284.05 seconds
  • Hardee's- Wait time: 266.34 seconds
  • Arby's- Wait time: 263.46 seconds
  • KFC- Wait time: 243.73 seconds
  • Carl's Jr.- Wait time: 240.51 seconds
  • Taco Bell- Wait time: 240.38 seconds
  • Burger King- Wait time: 235.48 seconds
  • Wendy's- Wait time: 230.38 seconds
  • Dunkin'- Wait time: 216.75 seconds

Source:QSR Magazine

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