Chubby Cat Protests Workout On Treadmill

We have all been there. We know we should workout and hit the gym but many of us find excuses not to. It turns out, our feline friends aren't big fans of working out either.

A video has hit the internet that shows a morbidly obese cat nicknamed Cinder-blockdoing her best to avoid working out. The cat was recently dropped off to a veterinarian in Washington. The vet has created a workout plan to help the plump feline slim down. 

However, things do not appear to be going as planned.

In the video, the giant gray cat can be seen gingerly pawing at a treadmill while seeming to protest her specialized workout.

In the 12-second clip, Cinder is heard meowing loudly as the person filming tells her “that’s a good girl” about her half-hearted underwater workout attempt.

The video has gone viral on YouTube and people are commenting about how they sympathize with the cat. 

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