Just In Time For Thanksgiving: Taco Bell Soup

So Taco Bell would like you to think about using their food as a side dish this Thanksgiving. According to the company’s internal blog, Taco Bell employees throw an annual Friendsgiving in which they’re encouraged to create new dishes out of what’s already on the Taco Bell menu. Looks like this year's creation will be a soup.

Taco Bell wants you to believe with its newest recipe that you will be the hit of any dinner you attend as you roll in with their Rolled Chicken Taco Bisque, a dairy-rich and creamy soup made by literally blending its deep-fried chicken tacos with a series of other, more traditional recipe ingredients like garlic, onions and chicken broth. The bisque recipe was created by Taco Bell Executive ChefRene Pisciotti.

It sounds fancy but it's really not. Basically, you puree a bunch of the tacos and add ingredients like onion, chili powder, broth, and sour cream. 

Source: VICE

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