Teen Gets In Accident And Records A TikTok Video

Imagine getting into a car accident and then immediately, start making a social media video about it. That's what a 16-year-old girl from Pittsburgh did recently and her video has now gone viral.

Katie Cornetti says that the TikTok video she created was a way for her and her friends to "cope" with the shock of the situation. While it's hard to imagine that being the first reaction of somebody, it should be noted that Cornetti and her two friends in the car with her sustained no serious injuries. 

Other than a bruise to her lip from her phone hitting her face as the car rolled over, she and her friends came out of it unscathed. All three passengers had their seatbelts on.

"While we were sitting there ... waiting for the police to come, for some reason in my mind I was like, I should make a TikTok, why not, I have nothing better to do," said Cornetti. "I picked the first song and made a random TikTok."

People on social media certainly noticed what she was doing and had something to say about it.


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