Fireworks Cause Movie Theater To Freak Out And Call 911

A crowded movie theater in New Jersey went on lockdown and then was evacuated after police received frantic calls from those in the theater claiming they heard gunshots. However, when police arrived, they realized it might not have been gunshots that had people all freaked out but rather fireworks.

People inside the Xscape Theatre called 911 believing they heard gunshots and police quickly arrived. Officers began evacuating patrons and detaining them to figure out what happened.

Officers then learned the theater manager confronted a man who lit fireworks outside the theater, police said. The remnants of the fireworks were located and it was determined that no shots were fired. 

Turns out the guy that lit the fireworks off was doing it for a friend who was proposing not too far away from the theater. 

No word on if the woman said yes or not but police say that it was a poor decision to set off the fireworks but no malice was intended. 


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