The Search For America’s Pickiest Eaters

Perdue is releasing a new line and they’re celebrating with a contest for America’s pickiest eaters. The chicken company is looking for kiddos who turn their noses up at lots of foods for theirAmerica’s Pickiest Eaterscontest.

Parents can enter their child by submitting a video or photo of their most outrageous, humorous, or downright sneakiest picky eating habits and winners will be judged on originality, creativity, and quality.

As for prizes, the picky eaters will win a year’s supply of Perdue Chicken Plus products, their new line that’s infused with veggies. The picky winner will also be featured in advertising for the company and 2,000-pounds of food will be donated to their school of choice! You can enter your kid on thecontest websiteor onTwitter orInstagramfrom now through March 1st.

Source:Guilty Eats

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