100 Year Old Woman Arrested At Her Own Birthday Party

So police in Roxboro, North Carolina, arrested a 100-year-old woman at her nursing home during her 100th birthday party. And the woman couldn't have been happier about it.

Ruth Bryantwas celebrating her 100th birthday party when police arrived at the Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Center. As her friends and family gathered, a deputy approached with handcuffs and asked: "Are you, Miss Bryant?" Bryant replied, "It all depends on what you want!" The officer then explained she was wanted on an indecent exposure charge and was handcuffed to her walker and placed in a patrol car.

Pretending to put up a fight, she playfully kicked officers. Don't' worry - it was all a gag. Well, sort of. Bryant had told friends that one of her bucket list items had always been to go to jail - just to see what it was like. So officers obliged her and she spent a few minutes in a jail cell, and then received her orange jumpsuit printed with "PERSON COUNTY JAIL" on it. Bryant said, "I'm in the jailhouse now! I finally got here," before hugging the chief jailer and returning to her assisted living center, where residents, family, and friends were waiting to cut the cake.

Source:ABC 7

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