Distraction - Mom Delivers 14.5-Pound Baby

An Australian mom is making headlines after giving birth to a very large baby girl.Willow Ameywas born weighing 14.5-pounds - double the size of an average Aussie baby, which is 7.6-pounds.

MomMelisand dadBensay they were “startled,” but not totally shocked because their first child weighed 12.3-pounds at birth, so big babies are kind of their thing. And not only is baby Willow huge, her size is record-breaking. She’s reportedly now “Australia’s Biggest Baby,” beating out the former record-holder, a boy born in 2018 weighing 13.8-pounds.

And if Willow’s sheer size isn’t impressive enough, her mom delivered her naturally! Willow’s extra large size means she’s already past newborn size outfits and is filling out three-month size clothing. Both mom and baby are healthy and happy and are now at home.

Source: TampaBay Times

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