International McDonald’s Items

People love the food at McDonalds here in the U.S., but their menu would be even better if it included some items from McDonald’s across the world. The fast food giant is always changing things up and adding new items, so maybe we’ll get lucky and see some of these favorites from Mickey D’s in other countries.


  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry- You’ll have to head north to try this McFlurry made with vanilla soft serve swirled with milk chocolate pieces and the creme from the center of those classic candies.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin- Who wouldn’t love a dark chocolate cake muffin made with cocoa and hazelnuts?
  • Poutine- Yep, they’ve got Canadian-style fries covered with thick gravy and cheese curds.

Great Britain

  • Maltesers McFlurry- In the U.K., they’ve got Maltesers, which are like Whoppers in the U.S. and they make McFlurries with those tasty little malt balls.
  • Veggie Dippers- This vegan option is made with a blend of red pepper and sundried tomato pesto, coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs.


  • Double-Yaki Chicken Filet- Fans of teriyaki sauce, this crispy chicken sandwich is for you.
  • Sweet corn- It’s simple, just a cup of corn, but it would make a nice, buttery addition to U.S. menus.


  • Chili Chicken- This chicken sandwich is topped with lettuce and a sweet chili sauce for a sweet kick.
  • Croissant- Another simple menu item, these croissants come with your choice of filling: Nutella, apricot jam or fresh strawberries.


  • McSelection Crispy Cheese Roasted Pepper- Cheese lovers, this sandwich is a crispy cheese “patty” topped with burger toppings, a chunky tomato and red pepper sauce, and something they call McFeast Sauce.
  • McSelection Big BBQ Cheese Stack- It starts with a beef patty topped with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber, fresh onion, and finally, crispy bacon. AND it comes in single or double patty versions!

Source:Guilty Eats

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