Florida Woman Woken Up By Pair of Fighting Alligators

(NBC Miami)

The pounding on Susan Geshel’s front door at 6:45 a.m. last Tuesday may have surprised her, but what was even more shocking was what caused the noise, a Florida newspaper reported. 

Much to her surprise, she found that source: two alligators, each around 7 feet in length, fighting outside her Pelican Preserve home in Fort Meyers, the Fort Myers News-Press reported. 

She saw one of the alligator’s snouts pinned to the glass window and door, the report said. Meanwhile, the other one was at a distance with its jaws open.

What truly frightened her, however, was one of the alligators had clamped its jaws on the body of the other and had pinned it to a wall. 

Geshel captured the moment on video and posted it to Facebook, before calling her husband, Joe, the newspaper said. 

After 20 minutes, Geshel said the alligators exited, with one crossing the street to a neighbor’s house. She told the newspaper she did not see where the other went, but it may have gone to a pond near the area.


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