Texas Dad Goes Viral After He Matches His Tie with His Face Mask Everyday

OneTexasdad has proven that face masks need not be just a matter of routine but rather a fashion statement, even for men restricted to traditional office attire.

Steve Montgomeryis a 57-year-old car salesman from San Antonio, Texas who happens to have 15 different masks with each one a different color and pattern designed to match one of his ties. It all started when he found one of his pocket inserts that came with one of his ties and asked his girlfriend is she could make him a mask. He says that his desire for matching them comes from his time in the military and that he just likes to "look good."

After he took photos of himself modeling his coordinated accessories, his daughterKianashared his pics on Twitter and it didn't take long for it to go viral. Since July 15, the pics have over 675,000 likes and 82,800 retweets. She was in disbelief at how many people retweeted her post but thought it really was a great idea. Meanwhile, her dad admitted, ‘I didn’t know it meant when I first went “viral.”

Source: Insider

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