Fighting Porch Pirates

A woman in Ontario, Canada was simply fed up with the porch pirates that were attacking her neighborhood. Thieves were simply out of control, stealing packages that were delivered to the homes of people in the community while they weren't home. After porch pirates got out of control So Laura Pringle of Hamilton, Ontario fought back.

She says she's had a number of packages stolen from her porch in the past three years so this year decided to get even and leave her thieves a special package. She packaged up some dog poop into a delivery box and left it on her front porch. Sure enough, her special package was stolen just 40 minutes later. She was even able to capture the reported theft on video and claims that this isn't the first time the suspect has stolen in the area before. 

Police have put out a public safety alert about a recent increase in package theft in the city.

Source: Narcity

Definitely the common person approach. We can't all be former NASA engineers like Mark Rober.

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