11 Year Old Gives Financial Advice

A sixth-grader in New Jersey is building a reputation as a financial educator online, with thousands of subscribers watching his weekly finance videos. Rishi Vamdattcreates videos teaching about stocks, bonds, and even improving your credit score; he became interested in financial topics at age six and gave his banker parents a tip that saved them $500. Now,his websitehas a new video every week to help anyone that’s interested in investing their money wisely.

Not many 11-year-old kids are focused on the stock market, but this kid is! Rishi invests his $11 per week allowance in an S&P 500 Index fund, and he wants to get other kids interested in doing the same thing. 

How money-minded is he? At seven-years-old, he told his parents to stop throwing him birthday parties; instead, he wanted to spend half the party money on presents and invest the other half. Rishi says he’s “investing for my retirement starting now.” It’s no surprise, but he plans to be a business owner one day.

Source:CBS New York

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