Job Posting Red Flags

No matter how anxious you may be to find a new job, nobody wants to get hired somewhere and find out the job or company is an actual nightmare. Well, there are ways to tell if that will be the case just from the job listing and now folks are spilling the beans.

BuzzFeed asked their community to share the obvious red flags in a job listing that will clue you in that a job will be miserable so if you are looking for a new gig you may want to listen up. 

Job listing red flags include:

  • "Too much jargon. If the posting has a lot of buzzwords but nothing of actual substance about what the job actually is, that's a sign it's time to run."
  • "Not including the salary is a big red flag that they don't pay much. Not including a salary and using the phrase 'gain experience' is a red flag that they expect you to work for free."
  • 'Willing to take on responsibility and leadership roles within their team' in a non-managerial position means they want a manager for the salary of a non-managerial employee or they want all the employees to overwork to prove that they should be in charge."
  • "Language like 'high energy' and 'highly motivated.' It should be a given that a potential candidate would be motivated to perform their duties well. If the employer feels the need to point this out, you can bet they have a history of high turnover with unhappy former employees."
  • "'Schedule TBD.' Nope, nope, nope. If you’re considering me for a position, I’m considering you as a potential employer as well. We’re BOTH interviewing each other."
  • "When a job says they offer flexible hours. They don’t mean flexible for you. They mean that they want you to have no life outside of work, and that they’re planning on absolutely wrecking your sleep schedule."
  • "'Urgently hiring' usually means they have a high turnover rate and can’t keep employees very long."
  • "'Clock watchers need not apply' — usually means they’ll frequently expect you to stay later than your contracted hours."
  • "'We’re not a company, we’re a family.' It’s almost guaranteed to be a toxic environment. Cliques, guilt trips, crossing professional boundaries, and favoritism."


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