States That Love Spicy Food

There are plenty of folks out there who love spicy food, while there are also lots of people who just can’t handle the heat? So, which states are more likely to say the spicier the better?

Well, a new poll conducted by Tums finds:

  • 37% of Americans consider themselves a “spicy food aficionado.”
  • But only 15% of folks say they can enjoy food at a “very spicy level.”
  • 43% do like to “test their limits” when it comes to heat.
  • Overall, residents of New Mexico are the most likely to say they have a higher than average tolerance for spice (83%), followed by:
    • Louisiana (72%)
    • Texas (72%)
    • Arizona (57%)
    • California (57%)
    • New York (52%)
  • As for where you can find the spiciest food, 42% of people say Louisiana is most known for their spicy cuisine, followed by:
    • Texas (31%)
    • New Mexico (25%)
    • California (14%)
    • Arizona (11%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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