Bride Wears Custom Tactile Wedding Dress For Blind Husband

A lot of brides get involved in planning every detail of their weddings, and newlywedKelly Ann Ferrarowas one of them. But she did it all with her husband,Anthony — a blind Paralympian, musician and motivational speaker — in mind. The couple was introduced by friends in 2018 and he says he felt an “instant connection” to her. Since they met, she’s been researching more about blindness and those who can perceive some light, like Anthony.

Even on their first date, Kelly Ann chose her outfit with Anthony in mind. The date was the premiere of his documentary, “A Shot in the Dark,” which shares his journey as a blind wrestler and athlete. And after learning that he loved the touch of velvet and soft fabrics, she wore a velvet dress so he could “feel how she looked.” He loved it and when it came to planning their wedding, she took the same attention to detail for her husband.

The couple tied the knot last week on a beach in Maine and the ceremony was in the day since the groom can perceive light and shadows. The metal poles in the reception tent were wrapped in bubble wrap, hidden by decorations, so Anthony could move around safely. And for her wedding dress, she wore a tactile dress embroidered with woven cotton flowers and lace, with a velvet waistband, so he could feel how she looked once again.

  • “I've said she's my eyes in this world, but for her to have a dress custom made so I could feel and touch it meant the world to me,” he explains. “I could feel her. I could feel she looked beautiful.”

Source:USA Today

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