Expert Tips For Carving Jack-O’-Lanterns

Have you carved your jack-o’-lantern yet? Halloween is just a few short days away, so it’s time to get those pumpkins ready to display. And while carving a basic face into a pumpkin is easy enough for most folks,Marc Evanis an expert and he’s got some pointers. He started carving as a kid and actually went into the carving business in 2008 when he co-founded Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

If you want to create an impressive jack-o’-lantern this Halloween,these are his tips:

  • Make a plan- Evan says this is the most important step in the process. As long as they have a plan, he says even beginners can pull off more intricate designs.
  • Try a design template- When you’re choosing a design for your pumpkin, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of design templates out there and according to Evan, it’s worth trying any of them.
  • You’re going to need the right tools- This expert says even those cheap carving kits you can buy at the grocery store are fine and will do the job. But if you really want to step up your game, he suggests finding some wood carving or sculpting tools, and he says linoleum cutters have been useful in his work, too.
  • Timing is everything- This is another crucial element to successfully creating an impressive jack-o’-lantern. Carving too soon can leave you with a rotting gourd before Halloween night. Evan reminds us that pumpkins are a fruit and they’ll react like any other fruit that’s cut open and left out.
  • Keep your creation cool- To prolong the life of your jack-o’-lantern, consider putting it in the fridge when it’s not on display.

Source:Fox News

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