Easter Eats Around The World

While a lot of people will be overloading themselves with sugar and chocolates on Easter Sunday, and maybe eventually finding some room for some ham, folks around the world are known to enjoy different traditional foods to celebrate the holiday. 

So, what are other folks eating? Well, 24/7 Tempo has come out with a list of some other traditional Easter foods from around the world, and some sound pretty yummy, while others not so much.

Other traditional Easter foods include:

  • Costa Rica - Empanadas de chiverre – an empanada made with cinnamon flavored dough and stuffed with a type of squash sweetened with honey.
  • Finland – Mämmi – a dense porridge made by mixing rye flour and rye malt with water and simmering the concoction long and slow.
  • France - Gigot d’agneau Pascal – a bone-in leg of lamb studded with slivers of garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper, rosemary or herbes de Provence.
  • Germany - Bunter Osterkuchen – a “colorful Easter cake,” made of carrot and apple cake, ground almonds and decorated with marzipan eggs and sugar flowers and leaves.
  • Greece – Tsoureki – a brioche-like sweet bread traditionally flavored with a spice made from the seeds of the Persian cherry tree. It is made with three interwoven strands of dough, representing the Holy Trinity.
  • Italy - Colomba di Pasqua - a dove-shaped sweet yeast bread loaf, similar to panettone, topped with almonds and sugar crystals.
  • Lithuania – Kugelis – a potatoes pudding that combines grated potatoes with bacon, onions, eggs, milk, and farina (milled wheat) into a casserole.

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Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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