Dietitians Turn To TikTok To Encourage People To Stop Dieting

Some dietitians are taking to TikTok to spread a message: Stop dieting. It’s something some of us have always wanted to hear, we just didn’t think these nutrition experts would be sharing it. But they’re using the latest dance trends, as well as science-backed information, to reach younger generations in an effort to steer them away from what they call “diet culture,” which they say focuses on smaller portions and drastic reductions instead of healthy lifestyle changes.

Experts used to advise eating more “good” foods and cutting back on the “bad” ones, but this generation of dietitians is pushing for balanced, sustainable changes and putting a stop to food shaming. These dietitians, including Sam PreviteSarah Williams and Steph Grasso say being kinder to yourself and actually enjoying the food you eat isn’t just more fun - it also works better than the old school approach to nutrition.

"That's why the diet industry is so successful. It's a multibillion-dollar industry because so many people do it, they fail and then they go back on that diet," explains Grasso. "I am an anti-diet dietitian. I am against these fad diets, these quick fixes, because in the long run, they don't work."

  • So what works better than dieting? Developing a healthy relationship with food. That can include just appreciating the food you eat, as well as not being afraid to eat dessert or French fries from time to time.
  • Focus on adding instead of restricting. Avoiding all foods you consider “bad” doesn’t work anyway, according to the dietitians. So, Williams and Grasso advise adding foods to your eating plan instead of drastically cutting them out. They advise adding nutrients to your meals with a goal of balance. Williams recommends asking yourself, “Instead of what can I take away, what can I add to my plate that’s going to nourish my body to the best of my ability?”

Source: CNN

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