Crazy Courses Actually Taught At Colleges

When you spend so much money for college tuition parents probably expect their kids will be taking classes that will help them with their future careers, but that’s not always the case. Many colleges offer some interesting, and certainly out of the ordinary classes, that may leave some wondering why they are paying money for it.

Such classes include:

  • Introduction to Surfing - Pepperdine University teaches the one-credit course which teaches general understanding of surfing and ocean safety, and has students surfing in Malibu, California. Not surprising, the course tends to “fill almost instantly when registration begin.”
  • Nature of Society: Beyoncé and Intersectionality – Taught at Texas Christian University, the three-credit class teaches all things Beyonce, and touches on racism, sexism and more.
  • Tree Climbing – Cornell University offers this one-credit course, which shows people how to get up a tree, move around, climb to another tree and more.
  • Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ on TV Judge Shows – Taught at University of California, Berkeley, the one-credit course takes a deep dive into TV court shows, and the common things that happen in courtrooms.
  • Nip, Tuck, Perm, Pierce, Tattoo, Embalm: Adventures with Embodied Cultures – An eight-credit course at Alfred University in Alfred, New York, looks at how cultures around the world influence appearance changes.
  • Harry Potter: Understanding Good & Evil – A four-credit seminar taught at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina looks at good and evil through the lens of the J.K. Rowling classic.
  • Going Viral – A three-credit class at Montclair State in Montclair, New Jersey looks at how to go viral on the Internet.
  • How ‘The Simpsons’ Saved American Literature – The course at Long Island's Hofstra University, looks at how the popular Fox animated series has parodied classic literature over the course of their 33 seasons. 

Source: Fox News

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