Woman Becomes Oldest To Complete Tough Mudder 5K At 83

A Missouri woman is proving that age is just a number by becoming the oldest person to complete a Tough Mudder 5K. Mildred Wilson finished the endurance race earlier this month at the age of 83. She battled her way through grueling obstacles, including a giant ice bath, a 60-foot watery trench under a steel fence, a run through 10-thousand volts of electricity and a 12-foot wooden ladder with huge rungs called the “Ladder to Hell.”

But this wasn’t Mildred’s first Tough Mudder, so she knew what she was up against. After watching her son, Danny Wilson, take on the World’s Toughest Mudder obstacle course challenge, she was inspired to compete in her first Tough Mudder race in 2019, when she was 80. When she’s not competing, she stays active by walking two miles most days and playing pickleball three or four times a week.

Mildred always runs the course with her 48-year-old son by her side and she says doing it with him “makes it special.” Danny has also given his tough mama a fitting nickname: “Muddy Mildred.” She admits this year was the hardest one yet, mostly because of one obstacle: Everest, the vertical wall they have to scale. But she was competing with a purpose that kept her going - raising money for Danny’s youth group to install a fresh water well in Africa.

  • And Mildred is already looking to the future and says she’s up for another round. “Definitely yes, I want to do another Tough Mudder next year if God continues to bless me with good health,” she says.

Source: New York Post

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