Heinz Offering $25k And More For Best Burger Creation

National Burger Day is just around the corner (on May 28th) and Heinz is launching a nationwide competition called the “Art of the Burger” to find the ultimate burger creation.

Heinz wants burger lovers to “unleash their inner culinary artist” and “visualize every burger as a blank canvas, and its condiments as the accoutrement that can transform any burger into a work of art.” by using Heinz sauces and one of more of these themes:

  • Classical
  • Maximal
  • Minimal
  • Sculptural
  • Experimental

The winner will be featured on menus at BurgerFi this fall and the creator will be awarded $25-grand. Plus, 50 runners-up will receive custom Heinz Art of the Burger merch as well. To enter (the contest runs now through July 12th) submit a picture of your best burger creation to HeinzArtOfTheBurger.com or use the hashtags #contest or #HeinzArtBurger on Twitter or Instagram.

SourceChew boom

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