Watermelon Farmer’s Tips For Finding Best One

Want to make sure you’re getting the ripest watermelon possible? A hack for selecting the best one is going viral on Facebook. The poster claims to have asked a watermelon farmer for his secret and it’s pretty easy to follow. “He said to make sure the dark green lines are two fingers width APART,” the poster shares.

And when they put his hack to the test, they were impressed with the results. “IT WAS DELICIOUS,” they write. Their post also kicked off a conversation about tips for choosing the best watermelon, with people sharing the techniques they’ve learned, and some say they’ve also had success with the two-finger technique.

Since summer is watermelon season, these are some other things to look for to make sure you get the best of the bunch:

  • A creamy yellow-to-orange mark on the melon - Known as the “field spot,” it’s where the melon sat on the ground and the deeper the color, the longer it was allowed to ripen on the vine.
  • Dull skin - If the watermelon is still shiny, it’s a sign it was picked before it was fully ripe.
  • Brown spots - These marks and webbing are where the sugars have seeped out, so the melon is sweeter.
  • Weight - The heavier it is for its size, the more water the melon has and the sweeter it will be.
  • Round shape - The rounder it is, as opposed to oblong, the sweeter and less watery it is.
  • A deep hollow sound - When you knock on the watermelon, it should sound “hollow,” meaning it is full of water and the flesh is firm and ready to be eaten.
  • In season - You’re more likely to get a delicious melon when they’re in season.

Source: Yahoo

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