Sleep Is The Hot New Service At Hotels

There are a lot of things people look forward to when they are traveling away from home, and some are simply looking forward to sleeping, and more and more hotels are recognizing that. In fact, many hotels are focusing on people’s desire for better sleep by offering it as a major service on their properties.

For example, in early 2021, the Cadogan Hotel in London launched what they call their “Sleep Concierge” service, which for $375 a night offers a range of services and amenities including hypnotherapy, calming teas, meditation audio recordings, a pillow menu, weighted blanket, lavender pillow mist and more. 

Los Angeles’ Hotel Figueroa also offers a Rest & Recovery Suite, which they initially thought would only last three months, but it was so popular it’s still being offered. For $500 a night, guests get an 870-square-foot suite with an Eight Sleep mattress that adjusts temperatures. They also offer a custom Pluto Pillow that guest and take home, plus a FORME fitness mirror.

And while some hotels don’t have offerings as elaborate as these, many are still making sleep a focus for guests, especially since the pandemic. “As the pandemic changed so many parts of our lives,” Tanner Saunders, senior hotels reporter at the Points Guy, shares, “we realized that sleep is so much more important because we had that time at home to regroup … and I think hotels are starting to capitalize on that.”

Source: MSN

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