Hershey Warns Of A Possible Halloween Candy Shortage

Some trick-or-treaters may not see the Halloween favorites they’re used to in their candy haul this year. Hershey has announced that they expect to face a candy shortage this fall, especially when it comes to the candy-filled holiday. In a quarterly call with investors, Michele Buck, CEO of the candy company, said, “We will not be able to fully meet consumer demand.”

Hershey has added production capacity, but says it can’t keep up this year. Part of the problem is the ongoing global supply chain issues, which have led to a shortage of essential ingredients like cocoa. The company also blamed it on the effects of inflation, increased consumer demand and the fact that balancing non-seasonal candy production with the holiday themed treats has also been more challenging this year. Buck explained that they “had to make a tough decision” in the spring, when they start producing Halloween candy, and decided to prioritize “everyday on-shelf availability.”

But this news doesn’t mean there won’t be any mini Reese’s, Almond Joys or KitKats around for kids come October 31st. “Consumers don’t need to worry about empty shelves,” assures Hershey spokesperson Ashleigh Pollart. “We’ll all still be able to enjoy our favorite Hershey treats this Halloween; those treats may just be dressed up in everyday packaging versus Halloween-inspired or seasonal designs.”

Source: USA Today

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