Start Booking Holiday Travel Plans Now!

It’s not officially fall until tomorrow, so it’s understandable that people aren’t actually thinking about the holiday season just yet. But if you plan to travel for the holidays, you better start thinking about it fast. 

Now that folks are traveling again, it’s expected that holiday travel will be busier than ever, with the travel agency Hopper noting that data shows there will be strong demand for holiday travel, which means if you want to get a deal you better start booking. 

Overall, industry experts advise travelers to start booking their holiday flights between now and October 20th. That’s when folks will likely find the best airfares for Thanksgiving and the December holidays. After mid-October, prices are expected to go up, and there will be less options to choose from.

Of course, prices always tend to be high around the holidays but there are ways to save a bit of money. According to Expedia, for Thanksgiving, flying on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday before the holiday could save travelers 5% on airfare. Plus, the best deals can be found if you actually travel on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve.

Source: USA Today

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