What Not to Donate During Disaster Relief


FRANK'S NOTE: I came across this in my reading earlier today, and it's really good. We all wish we could do something to help during a disaster, but sometimes our good intentions can add to the disaster.

Good intentions can go a long way. After such a catastrophic storm, the Bahamas are going to need a lot of good intentions. However, the types of items you’re donating during disaster relief could be hurting more than helping. Weight loss drinks, chandeliers, prom gowns and even pigs have been donated to other countries in a time of dire need. No, we are not kidding. This list was provided by Center for International Disaster Information. The best way according to CIDI is in a monetary form, given you are giving to a reputable source like the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, or law enforcement-backed fundraisers. Another way of finding out what may be useful is researching what is most needed by the communities devastated by the natural disasters. What Bahamians are looking for is a little more specific, such as baby diapers, formula, and tools to rebuild their island. But most of all, power and communication are foremost important. 

Here is a list of items not to donate during a disaster: https://www.cidi.org/how-disaster-relief-works/guidelines-for-giving/ - .XXA2QZNKiM4

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