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WATCH: Customer Sought After Fatally Shooting Armed Robber In Restaurant

Man with Handgun in Holster

Photo: Getty Images

customer at a restaurant in Houston, Texas, fatally shot a masked man who was demanding money from other patrons.

The Houston Police Department said ten customers were eating at The Ranchito #4 taqueria when a masked man stormed in and started waving a gun around.

Several diners handed money to the robber while others took cover under a table. As the robber attempted to leave the restaurant, one of the customers pulled out his own gun and fired several times, striking the robber in the back.

As the robber stumbled to the door, the customer got up and shot him again at point-blank range. He then took the stolen money and returned it to the other customers.

When he went over to check the suspect's gun, he realized it was fake and angrily threw it across the restaurant.

The robber was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials have not released his identity.

The man who shot the robber and the other customers left before the police arrived. Officials said they want to speak with the man who opened fire. No charges have been filed, but it is unknown if authorities are planning to charge the customer who shot the robber.

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